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Fredric has won millions for victims involved in bus accidents

New York laws require at-fault parties to compensate you for your bus accident injuries; it’s that simple. However, their insurers may try to sidestep this obligation by downplaying your prognosis or denying responsibility altogether. You do not have to accept their position at face value; discuss your case with our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure instead.

For over 25 years, we have recovered millions in settlements and trial judgments on behalf of injured clients and surviving family members. What you do not know can hurt your injury or wrongful death bus accident case when negotiating with insurers. Schedule your free, in-person or remote consultation with us today for more information.

You may have several options after suffering from bus accident injuries

The parties involved and the severity of your or your loved one’s personal injury will determine the (1) applicable coverage limits and a (2) fair settlement amount. However, establishing an accurate assessment of liability and degree of loss is challenging without a thorough accident investigation. The Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure will help you negotiate a fair outcome if multiple parties, serious injuries, wrongful death, or settlement disputes play a role in your case.

Our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer will also help you identify cover limits under the following:

  • Municipal liability claims: For Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) accidents and other related claims against Brooklyn mass transit authorities under municipal liability
  • Commercial operator policies: For accidents occurring on commercial and private charter buses, such as Greyhound, Greyhound Lines, FlixBus, Vamoose Bus, Bolt Bus, and Megabus
  • Private auto insurance policies: For car accidents caused by third-party passenger vehicle motorists
  • Property insurance policies: When negligent conditions played a role in causing your bus accident under premises liability laws
  • Rideshare policies: For accidents caused by rideshare drivers logged into their Uber or Lyft apps or other rideshare contractor
  • Uninsured/underinsured (UI/UM) claims: For injuries involving UI/UM motorists or hit-and-run accidents
  • Your personal injury protection (PIP) policy: For costs above at-fault limits
  • Your private health insurance: For costs above at-fault party limits

The above-referenced list of potential legal options is thorough but not exhaustive and challenging to apply in some situations. The Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure will review the facts of your case to identify potential avenues for legal redress. We will always share new developments as early as possible and follow up by acting on your directives.

Learn more about how your case might unfold

Our legal team achieves results through advanced training, legal resources, and local knowledge. If you decide to hire the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure, we will explain your options, mitigate hardship, and pursue your chosen legal strategy at no upfront cost. Call our Brooklyn bus accident attorney for your free consultation now.

NYS law prohibits insurers from engaging in certain tactics

New York’s Unfair Claim Practices Settlement law prohibits insurers from engaging in specific acts after receiving a claim. This law protects injured parties from additional harm caused by unsavory settlement tactics. Regardless of its existence, insurers still flout this critical law when receiving, processing, and paying claims.

Have you experienced any of the following issues when dealing with liable insurers?

  • Misrepresenting facts or provisions on purpose
  • Failing to acknowledge your communications promptly
  • Not having investigation standards in place
  • Failing to offer you a fair settlement under clear liability
  • Failing to disclose insurance coverage limits
  • Artificially inflating or lowering numbers and data
  • All other unfair claim settlement practices

If so, document each instance since you may have more legal rights. The Brooklyn bus accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure will review your case to determine if a violation occurred. Our legal team will not allow a single opportunity to obtain civil justice to go to waste while always presenting you with options promptly.

Why hire our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer

Recovering from your injuries or losing a loved one is priority number one. By hiring the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure, you are putting your case in the hands of an experienced and resourceful team with a proven track record of favorable results so that you can prioritize your physical health, financial recovery, and emotional well-being.

Here are additional reasons why people seek legal representation from our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer:

  • Reason 1. Inadequate settlement offered: NYS ISC Law § 2601 requires non-government entity insurers to pay you fairly and reasonably within three years of injury. Otherwise, they could be liable for additional damages.
  • Reason 2. Serious injury threshold exceeded: NYS ISC Law § 5104 defines serious injuries as those exceeding $50,000, affording you the right to highly negotiable pain and suffering damages within three years from the date of your accident.
  • Reason 3. Wrongful death occurred: NYS EPT Law § 5-4.1 allows the estate’s personal representative to pursue damages for heirs. These cases are complex and heavily defended by insurers with a two-year statute of limitations.
  • Reason 4. Mass transit injuries incurred: Under NYS CVP Law § 217-A, you are subject to additional deadlines, including a 90-day notification deadline and a one-year and 90-day statute of limitations.

It is also worth noting that liable parties owe you an award equivalent to their degree of negligence under NYS ISC Law § 1411. An underestimation of fault, also known as contributory negligence, will diminish your initial settlement offer. The Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure ensures that this careless oversight will not occur while you work with our legal team.

Avoid jeopardizing your right to compensation

Insurance companies want to minimize liability for your losses as much as possible under the law. They might even use your inexperience to achieve this objective. Bus accident injury victims are usually in severe pain, frustrated, tired, anxious, and confused by the claims process, leading to unintended outcomes.

Avoiding typical insurance claim mistakes is essential so you do not lose your right to medical reimbursement, lost wage awards, and mental anguish damages. Here is a closer look at what we mean:

Unfair insurance tactics could lower your initial offer

Lliable insurers gather evidence against claimants in sneaky ways without their realizing it! Without the guidance of a Brooklyn bus accident lawyer, you expose yourself to claim-derailing mistakes, such as:

  • Aggressive adjusters
  • Civil rights violations
  • Covert surveillance
  • Believing in false sympathy
  • Serious injury disputes
  • Low-ball settlements
  • Recorded phone calls
  • Self-incrimination
  • Triangulation with the at-fault party
  • Unfair claim settlement practices
  • Unreasonable requests
  • And other unwanted tactics

Even without these tactics, personal injury and civil laws apply to your situation. Making a single administrative mistake, such as missing a notification deadline or the statute of limitations, can result in losing some or all compensation rights. Avoid this outcome entirely by following the legal advice of your Brooklyn bus accident lawyer.

What you stand to lose if they are successful

NY law guarantees your right to a fair and reasonable settlement that pays for accident-related losses caused by another party’s negligence. However, you can receive additional awards if your claim exceeds the serious injury threshold, involves a wrongful death, exhibits grossly negligent acts, or weathered unfair claim settlement practices.

The Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure will protect your right to the following awards:

  • Current/future medical expenses
  • Current/future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death awards
  • Survival action awards
  • Unfair Claim Settlement Practices damages
  • Punitive damages (Rare)
  • Other recoverable awards

Please do not lose your chance at a fair settlement by unknowingly providing the insurance company with evidence they can use against you. Instead, discuss your case with our legal team to determine if you are receiving lawful treatment under NYS law.

Frederic S. Masure has the resources to protect your rights

For over two and a half decades, clients have raved about our ability to provide professional legal services and favorable results. Our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer and founder, Frederic S. Masure, has received local attention for demonstrating his abilities and skills, including:

  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal legal systems
  • Experience winning MTA and private charter cases
  • Licensed for over 40 years
  • Millions recovered on behalf of Brooklyn—NYC clients
  • A 2023 Martindale-Hubbel® Silver Client Champion
  • Services available in English and Spanish
  • Available 24/7 on weekdays, Mon.—Fri.
  • Personalized attention

We work alongside clients closely, whether negotiating with insurers or persuading a court. Regardless of where your case resolves, the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure documents your case as if you are heading to trial on day one of hiring us. This tactic shows insurers we mean business and demonstrates that your case will not miss a single step.

Get your free consultation with a Brooklyn bus accident lawyer

Our Brooklyn bus accident lawyer will protect and defend your side of the negotiating table with knowledge and resources. Consult with the Law Offices of Frederic S. Masure to decide if legal representation is right for you. If you choose to hire our firm, you will pay us nothing until we win your case.

Ensure you get the settlement or civil award you deserve. Your future health and livelihood may depend on it. Schedule your free consultation with us today for an in-person, remote, or virtual visit.

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