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Professional Premises Liability Attorney in Brooklyn, NY Recovers Money on Your Behalf

We hold negligent property owners responsible

Most people don’t expect to be injured when visiting a friend’s home or frequenting a trusted store, restaurant or other commercial establishment. But property owners sometimes overlook or ignore dangers when they could easily fix them — and that’s when injuries ensue. When this happens, you need Brooklyn premises liability attorneys who leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of your case. The Law Offices of Fredric S. Masure represents victims of preventable accidents. Fredric makes the party responsible for your accident pay, and he’s not afraid to stand up to even the most powerful of insurance companies.

Innocent victims like you are injured every year at the homes and businesses of others. Icy walkways, faulty stairs and obstructed aisles may seem like simple mishaps. However, when property owners don’t take precautions to warn visitors of these potential hazards, they’re to blame. Premises liability establishes guidelines that protect you as a visitor to a home or business, and if these guidelines are not met, a lawyer must intervene. Fredric steps in to handle your case, even if you’re reeling from an injury and unable to face the complicated nature of your situation.

Slip and fall accidents

Potential hazards can lurk around any corner, and injuries happen when a property owner doesn’t take precautions to address these hazards and prevent them from happening. If you’ve sustained a slip and fall accident injury, Frederic comes to your aid as one of the most experienced Brooklyn premises liability attorneys and works tirelessly to secure justice in your case. For more information about our services, visit our slip and fall accident page.

Trip and fall accidents

A homeowner or business owner’s most important duty is the safety of visitors to the property. When this duty isn’t met and an injury occurs, trained Brooklyn premises liability attorneys need to step in. Fredric works around the clock to make certain you’re getting fairly compensated for your injuries. Learn more on our trip and fall accident page.

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Negligent property owners should be held responsible for your injuries, and at the Law Offices of Fredric S. Masure, we make sure justice is served. We devote unwavering attention to your case and work for you. If you don’t recover, we don’t get paid. Call us for a free consultation 24 hours a day at +1.718.942.7777, contact us online or visit our office at 1932 Ralph Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

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