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Experienced Police Misconduct Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY Protects Your Rights

You deserve to be treated with respect

According to the NYPD mission, police officers serve as partners of the community — enforcing laws, preserving the peace, reducing fear and providing a safe environment. They do great things in the city and deserve praise for the work they do. Yet sometimes, officers can get carried away with their authority and misuse privileges to violate your rights, privacy and well-being. When this happens, the Law Offices of Fredric S. Masure steps in and puts an end to your victimization. Fredric understands how dehumanizing and humiliating being physically or verbally harassed by a police officer can be. As one of the best Brooklyn police misconduct attorneys, Fredric holds the responsible person accountable for such actions in the courtroom.

Types of police misconduct

Encounters with police officers should be peaceful. But we’ve met clients who’ve been stripped of their constitutional rights, and some come to us having suffered serious injuries while in police custody. If you’ve been the victim of any of the following, you might have a case against the police:

  • False arrests
  • Wrongful prosecution
  • Police brutality
    • Excessive force
    • Unnecessary use of Tasers, batons, guns or other weapons
    • Beatings
    • Body slamming

Fredric won’t let the malicious acts of rogue police officers go unpunished. He’ll dig deep into your case to prove police actions were unwarranted and redeem your sense of humanity.

We work until you get justice

Though the NYPD has many privileges, acting with unreasonable force is not one of them. You deserve justice, and Fredric will do everything in his power to ensure you get it. As one of the most compassionate Brooklyn police misconduct attorneys, Frederic is an advocate who empathizes with the pain and frustration of your circumstances. In the courtroom, our defense is merciless and thorough. We’ll win you compensation for your suffering. If we don’t, our representation is free. When you’re sitting in a jail cell or in the back of a police cruiser, it might seem like your protections are limited and you may feel like you’re at fault. However, Fredric doesn’t blame you for whatever got you into your situation – he stands in your corner and fights back.

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When the police violate your rights and abuse their authority, the Law Offices of Fredric S. Masure come to your aid. We’re available whenever and wherever you need us, and our attention to your case doesn’t diminish until we recover damages for your injuries and help you put your accident behind you. Call us for a free consultation 24 hours a day at +1.718.942.7777 or contact us online. We’re located at 1932 Ralph Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

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